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Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle, the warranty that comes with it will provide a measure of protection against unexpected expenses early in your vehicle’s life. To keep this warranty intact for as long as possible, it’s necessary to bring your vehicle to a reputable mechanic or auto repairer for regular logbook servicing.

We can conduct logbook servicing for all petrol, diesel and LPG powered vehicles, from passenger cars to light commercial vans and utes. You’ll be given advance warning of any developing mechanical problems, and you’ll leave our workshop knowing your warranty is still intact.

Roadworthy Inspections

Before you sell, transfer ownership, or re-register your vehicle for the road, it will need to be deemed roadworthy by a VicRoads-licensed vehicle tester.

The experienced team at Ringwood Automatics can conduct roadworthy inspections on all makes and models of passenger and light commercial vehicles, after which you’ll be issued with either a list of repairs that need to be made, or a Roadworthy Certificate, with which you can proceed with your sale or trade, for which you may also require a completed Transfer of Registration form. You can find this form on the VicRoads website.


Your vehicle’s brakes are your most important safety feature. Being able to bring your vehicle to a stop precisely when you need it is vital to safe driving, often making the difference between an emergency stop and a costly trip to the panel beater.

We can provide repairs and servicing for your vehicle’s brake systems, from repairing pedals and hydraulics to replacing worn pads, discs and drums. We can also machine new brake pads and restore the surface of brake discs, all to bolster your vehicle’s effective stopping power and get the most out of your vehicle’s parts.

Steering & Suspension

With a host of ride comfort and handling issues, such as body roll when going through corners or a lack of responsiveness behind the wheel, the problem most likely stems from a worn component in your vehicle’s suspension or steering column.

At Ringwood Automatics we can replace faulty suspension parts, from shocks and springs to replacing your vehicle’s bushing, for a smoother, less jarring ride. We’re also able to repair problems with your vehicle’s power steering system, for maximum control on the road.

Clutch & Transmission

Trouble changing gears or staying in gear, or strange clunking noises or burnt smells from underneath the car, typically indicate trouble with your drive train. This can result in problems with your vehicle reaching high speeds or staying at a consistent speed, and if left unchecked can become an expensive repair bill.

At Ringwood Automatics we have extensive experience in automatic transmission repairs, and regularly conduct repairs for the whole drive train, from clutch pedal and hydraulics to a complete servicing of your vehicle’s manual or automatic transmission, for passenger cars or 4WDs.

Radiators & Cooling

Keeping your vehicle cool is vital for a healthy engine, preventing the sort of severe damage to your vehicle that can result in a breakdown. If you think your vehicle might be overheating, it’s best to pull over immediately and let your engine cool down, or drive very carefully to Ringwood Automatics for a check of your vehicle’s cooling system.

We can offer a wide range of repairs and servicing for your vehicle’s cooling system, from a coolant flush to dislodge any clogs or blockages that might hamper your cooling system’s performance, to replacement of faulty radiators, heater units, head gaskets and thermostats.

Other Services

Our dedicated team at Ringwood Automatics offer a range of additional services to make our customers’ lives easier, including:

  • Diagnostic scans with the latest equipment, providing for faster and more effective repairs
  • Installation of audio systems
  • Exhaust repairs and upgrades with quality aftermarket parts
  • Dyno tuning for diesel engines, to get the absolute best performance out of your vehicle
  • And much, much more

To find out what else we can do for your vehicle, get in touch with us today!

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