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For over 40 years, our team at Ringwood Automatics has prided itself on offering customers the highest quality automotive repairs and servicing. With over 45 years of experience, Richard and his team of mechanics are delighted to assist drivers in Ringwood and throughout Melbourne’s east with their automotive needs. Drawing on a combined century of experience in the auto repair business across the team, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise.



Established in the early ’70s, Ringwood Automatics has provided the highest quality of automotive repairs and servicing to drivers in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for about 40 years. With over 45 years of experience, Richard and his team of nine fully-qualified mechanics are happy to help all drivers with their automotive needs, drawing on the combined experience of over a century in the auto repair business across the team.

At Ringwood Automatics, we specialize in automatic transmissions, providing a range of repairs for your vehicle’s gearbox, from servicing and minor repairs to complete rebuilds and overhauls. We also offer a more comprehensive range of services, from mechanical repairs to vehicle servicing and inspections, all at a fair price.

To find out what we can do for your vehicle, or to make a booking, talk to one of our friendly staff today!


Logbook Servicing

When purchasing a new vehicle, the warranty that accompanies it offers a level of protection against unforeseen expenses in the early stages of your vehicle’s life.

Steering & Suspension

A myriad of ride comfort and handling issues, such as body roll when navigating corners or a lack of responsiveness behind the wheel, can stem from steering and suspension concerns.

Roadworthy Inspection

Prior to selling, transferring ownership, or re-registering your vehicle for the road, it must undergo a roadworthy inspection conducted by a VicRoads-licensed vehicle tester.

Clutch & Transmission

Trouble changing gears or staying in gear, or strange clunking noises or burnt smells from underneath the car, typically indicate trouble with your drive train.


Your vehicle’s brakes stand as the most crucial safety feature. The capability to bring your vehicle to a stop precisely when you need it is vital for safe driving.

Radiators & cooling

Maintaining your vehicle’s cool temperature is vital for a healthy engine, preventing the kind of severe damage that could lead to a breakdown. If you suspect your vehicle might be overheating,